Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bluehouse Skis is a company founded in Utah that started as a way to get friends and family quality skis at a discounted rate. The product I will be discussing is the powder skis. These are skis designed to ride on powder that are highly affective and fun to ride on.

The bottom line is skis are expensive. It is hard to find high quality skis that are affordable when you are on a tight budget. Not only does Bluehouse produce a high quality ski at a low price but it is also current on design trends. Bluehouse skis pricing is generally half to two thirds the cost of competing brands and has a local feel to it being founded in Salt Lake City.

The Maestro is one of the few mens powder skis that Bluehouse manufactures. There are three different models of the maestro to choose from but this is the most popular.  Here is a demo of Bluehouse ski from Bluehouse Facebook page:

Along with the Maestro for men you have the BCC for women. It is named BCC after Big Cottonwood Canyon. These are two great models that are very affordable from Bluehouse.
I own a pair of Bluehouse skis that I love and have been very happy with. If you are interested in an "inexpensive" pair of skis and want a "quality" product I highly recommend Bluehouse.